Everything is for Learning


Words Don't Work

the call, knowing, depth, darkness, lost, heavy, stuck, confused, spiraling, story, ironic, mistaken, mute, ashamed, pressure, sky, river, lake, fail, silence, stillness, mirror...

these words have all been worn out. Even "worn out" is used up- a dishrag recycled to the garden shed.

our painting cropped up and I wanted to place words down and have them witnessed; to say things differently; to loose my voice and find myself someone new

can't get them started, the engine  stalled

I feel irritated by simile and metaphor.

Wish you Were Here that's the song I played on repeat during my first suicide attempt at age 13.

Now it plays a backwards echo? A reflection in a bowl

Words. I want them to work. And today they don't.


Clay Hamilton