Everything is for Learning


Child of the Times

You are a child of the times!
blaze of hope, deluge of spite
dreaming up forests of pine dusting the planet,
destroying divide.
But people hide so deep inside
their bodies curl around their lies,
bent over like a snowy branch.

You pierced me with a dirty needle
I asked to know the heart of darkness

A priest’s eyes tear to see blind faith
the purest saints are slain

You lie down in the dark
sun touched not your privileged skin today
you casually thought of
dry places where the earth could not even shed one tear for its unborn fruit
while staring vacantly at the corner of the ceiling

You are a child of the times!
walking on slave engraved so(u)les
a slow- motion, time- slaying sway from hidden to seen

Put your smiles in a box
fruit don’t blush like they used to
sun sounds silent sobs
laughter like a dagger falls
my adamant hands claw at the mouths
seeping with empty words I cannot bear

Oh silence! pierce me
watch the pool of blood expand
to life touched by the hands of man,
beneath the stars which we gave meaning
“The love of god” we sang, “is gleaming!”

Have I tried to rinse too soon,
(bent over like a snowy branch,)
my guilty wound?
the blood spills golden from the turrets
we are singing in its rain
Snow blue I watch you go
before a dying sea I stand
before a dying sea I am
before a dying sea I dance

You are a child of the times
as ordinary as kitchen sink
as hunger
as the shame of clean hands
the cracks in a  farmers hands
the black and white
the gory past
don’t recall
don’t imagine
don’t think

The Genesis in your eyes-
the how I hate it
the how I would die for it.

Child of the time, bound by light
pierced and proud and wondering,
“Is there something wrong with me?”

a body dances in the frozen air
a body dances in the frozen air
a body dances in the frozen air

Clay Hamilton