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Artist Statement

Currently searching for home, Clay Hamilton is most often introduced as a musician. Their work explores many mediums; painting, drawing, essay poetry, experimental film doo-das and movement research.

Artist Statement:

When what concerns me as a human being and what I watch my art be concerned with overlap, I consider the moment fortuitous yet random.

How I can shift ingrained patterns of carelessness and transmute the impacts of such carelessness?

If my goal is some sort of freedom, or participation in the liberation of self and other, what do I need to do or realize to find myself in such a space?

Since the mind creates both the suffering and the remedy to suffering, one must be aware of whether one’s creations contribute to the trajectory of their true goals rather than to the perpetuation of neurosis’.

What tasks can we give the mind; what choices turn it towards goodness and truth? Do we employ old dogmas and preconceived cliche’s or do we follow the quiet voices that light the way with fresh sparks that oftentime ask us to choose the unknown.

Art is a powerful tool and ally for me. It is a lexicon and a context on my life journey.

Because of and despite such convictions and yearnings, most of my artistic action comes from a place mysterious to me. I see a line moving in space. I see the shining red, I watch it dance in my mind as I listen to Alice Coltrane and I feel a calling to realize my vision. Walking in rhythm a tune arises. My admission is that I usually have to get out of the way, to disappear, so that creation can come forth. It has its own momentum.

I am disillusioned with imposed power, hierarchies, beauty standards, gender expectations, production obsession, human centric perspectives. I am a destroyer of addiction toward outward perfection at the cost of inward development, of surgical self abuse- my art is a protest to that. 

I find my way again and again and again to genitalia. I tear off the clothes and dance naked on the paper. I paint on silenced bodies trying to reclaim their voices.

The violence and juxtaposition of innocence and sexuality, desire and disgust- rape, rejection, suicidality, mental illness, you can hear it in my music and see it trying to vocalize on big old rolls of paper.

My research as artist and human is to allow the expression of emotional/intuitive/instinctual artistic impulse to be in balance with or in a dialectical and perhaps even self imposed rational conversation with  health, balance and in the moment ok-ness that it seems I am pointed back towards.

 In other words, I trust the feelings, relaxing amidst the chaos of this particular moment in human development and continue to question everything.

Clay Hamilton